Tuesday, November 20, 2012

AFS Editorial - November 2012

Having been writing about the adult film industry for so long as well as covering my share of XXX film shoots, I always felt that the San Fernando Valley has been soaked in the porn business so long that various streets I would drive past would remind me of favorite scenes from porn films that I knew were filmed there. I know the exact place where Belladonna bounced on Kurt Lockwood’s big dick or the warehouse studio where Julian fucked the shit out of Shyla Styles and Nikki Benz.

You come to expect certain things living in one place for so long, don’t you? You know you can find the best Argentinean empanadas in El Mercado Carlos Gardel and the best taco truck in town can be found in Pacoima. Oh yeah, you expect to find good hardcore fucking from your favorite porn stars in the San Fernando Valley.

Things change, though, and they have for the adult film industry since California voters have chosen to accept Measure B that will regulate the shit out of adult film shoots and adult films in general. Yes, it’s safe practice to use condoms during sex but this is porn we’re talking about. Porn is meant to be raw, unfettered and - besides - we have been so spoiled by hardcore porn to the point that we all expect to see the bodily fluids flow.

Having lived in California since birth, I have recently found myself in new territory as I decided to move to Nevada and become the site’s Las Vegas correspondent. It is here that I discovered the joys of everything Sin City brings and suddenly I find myself realizing that the rumor of filming porn here is the most obvious choice.

Las Vegas is already home to the AVN Awards and the AVN Expo so, studios, why not open offices here? Already I am considering starting my own sex site and it is thanks to the fact that the city is so open to the idea of adult filmmaking.

I welcome the news that adult films will be made here in Las Vegas and set porn fans’ mind at ease knowing that hardcore porn will never die. I mean, with mandatory testing and other precautions, the adult film industry does have it in it to be both safe and dirty.

- The Uncut Hero

Monday, December 5, 2011

Porn Star of the Month (October 2012): Whitney Stevens

Picture courtesy of HeavyHandfuls.com

Weight: 112 lbs.
Height: 5 ft. 3 in.
Eye Color: Brown
Measurements: 34DD-25-36
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Official Website: http://www.whitney36dd.com

Picture courtesy of BigTitPatrol.com

Having lived in a predominately-Jewish community when I was an 11-year old, I had the world’s biggest crush on the girl living next door who was not only beautiful but she was stacked. Now, I am not Jewish myself but this girl was so sexy I would not have minded converting to Judaism. Hell, I’d even be circumcised just to get my hands on her beautiful plump ass.

I can say the same about Whitney Stevens who reminds me so much of my first real crush and the fact that she’s Jewish made Whitney a fan favorite thanks to this resemblance. No, scratch that, I’m a fan of Whitney Stevens for so many other reasons … one of which happens to be that this beautiful Jewish princess is a natural born fuck star with the body built for sin. We’re talking the perfect package here.

Picture courtesy of TightHolesBigPoles.com

On top of the fact that she’s gorgeous and has a deliciously curvy body with a set of flawless 34DD breasts, Whitney is a refreshingly dirty girl. You see, Whitney has a sister named Britney Stevens who is also in the business and the both have done girl-girl-boy scenes together. There’s nothing quite like watching two hot sisters sharing a big dick at the same time. We love how these sisters fuck and suck together on screen that we wish they made more movies together.

Picture courtesy of Lethal Creampies.com

Still, alone, Whitney’s high-energy fuck scenes do the trick for all of us here and her innocent looks makes her scenes seem even more enticing. This is a girl that isn’t afraid to get a big dick shoved down her throat or deep in her pretty pussy.

Picture courtesy of BigTitPatrol.com

Whitney Stevens, we hope you continue to rock us with your amazing body and beautiful good-looks. You would definitely make any Hanukkah night special and more so if we got a chance to unwrap you this holiday.

Looks like the sexiest girl next door ever.
Some of the best rocking 34DD tits in the business

Her ass is simply sublime.

Fresh features make her a treat to watch.

Great energy.

Dirty enough to do girl-girl-boy with sister, Britney Stevens.


We don’t get to see her too often in events.
Why didn’t she live next door to us?


D+ Students (Innocent High, 2011)

- Eduardo Zacarias

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Dirty Nasty Filthy Cuckolding Cunt - DVD Review

Review by: Eduardo Zacarias
Studio: Venus Girls
Genre: Fetish
Director: Sturgeon Court
Cast: Katie Kox, Ethan Cage, Jason Katana
Running Time: 84 minutes
Release Date: August 22, 2012

My mother always warned me about two things: swimming after having eaten and girls who would whisper sweet nothings into your ear one moment and then tie you up and force you to watch them devour another man’s tool. So far I have done a good job of avoiding both but I cannot help but when it comes to porn I can’t help but loving the fetish videos of women cuckolding their husbands. Having seen a number of them, A Dirty Nasty Filthy Cuckolding Cunt is on the top of my list of the very best this fetish has to offer and it’s all Katie Kox’ fault.

First of all, everyone in this office are hardcore fans of Katie Kox who not only brings her high-energy talents and tries to top herself like the true performer she is but also makes you fall under her charming spell the minute she walks into frame. So it comes to no surprise that director Sturgeon Court had Katie take charge of every scene and, judging by the looks of it, enjoying every second of it.

SCENE 1A married Katie steps into her parlor where her hubby (Monster Mike), lays wasted atop their pool table. Unfortunately for said wasted hubby, Katie didn’t come alone as she brings her lover (Ethan Cage) over to show him what a real man with a real dick could do that he just can’t. It doesn’t take her too long to whip his lengthy cock out and suck it inches from Monster Mike’s face.

Oh, but the humiliation doesn’t stop there as she ties her bra to his head and then gets rammed from behind by an eager-to-please Ethan. Katie makes sure that hubby gets to see her get fucked good as she shoves her tits against her husband’s face and moans even more loudly to show him just how good a stranger can please her.

The scene ends with Katie having her lover cum in her stocking and then stuff the cum-filled cloth into her husband’s mouth. Oh yeah, that stocking had a big wad too so Monster Mike got a lot of goo in his mouth in that scene.

Looking drop-dead sexy in a black and pink bra and panties getup that includes a garter belt and stockings (oh yeah, stockings are put to good use in this film), Katie jumps into bed with her new Asian husband (Jason Katana) on their honeymoon. At last, Jason is ready to make love to his wife for the first time and please her like nobody’s business. It’s why he came prepared with a strap-on above his hardening cock.

Sadly, Katie is paying more attention to the red strap-on dildo instead of her husband’s actual cock. She sucks on it furiously, enjoying it and putting it in-between her mouth-watering big tits while her husband looks laughably disappointed. Katie then rides the red strap-on and gets some spooning action until she cums hard.

Waking Jason up from a peaceful sleep, Katie doesn’t waste any time wanting to surprise her husband for her own selfish reasons. She begins by jerking his cock until he gets hard and then rubs his cock with her feet, her stockings rubbing against his skin. Watching Katie rub her pussy while she does it just makes things all the more hotter.

The best part comes when she has him shoot his load into her stocking and then has him go out in the middle of the night to buy her a new pair as she settles in for a good night’s sleep.
Now that’s how you treat a cuck.


Katie thinks her husband Ethan is a dirty pervert and she scolds him in the best way possible by jerking him off with her feet. He grabs a good hold of taking a good hold of his penis and pumping it with all the enthusiasm of a dirty whore. Best yet, she cums in her stocking and forces it into his mouth.

SCENE 5Humiliated hubby Ethan is in the closet wearing a leash on his dick as Katie leads him straight to bed. She rubs oil all over his cock and starts giving him one of the best hand jobs we seen in a long time. Like a good wife who knows how to treat a cuck, she gets him to be the filthy pervert she knows he is and treats him to a great titty fuck as a result.

She then jerks him off until he spouts like an active volcano and trust me when I say that Katie made it all look good.

Asian hubby, Jason, is all tied up and getting a tongue-lashing for having talked to the another woman in the grocery store. How dare he even look at another woman when he has a gorgeous beauty as a wife so she shows him how lucky he is by jerking his cock and losing all her clothes as she rubs pussy and cock at the same time.

The best part comes as she flips him over in a pile driver as she milks him upside down until he spews his cum all over his own face. To top it all off, she has him taste his own semen by shoving it all into his open mouth.

A Dirty Nasty Filthy Cuckolding Cunt is not only one of Katie Kox’s finest moments but it’s also a feature that is true to the fetish itself. Katie alone is the driving force that makes each scene everything you can ask for in a fetish video and she’s absolutely ravishing to boot. Venus Girls has hit gold with this one and hopefully we get to see more one-woman features like this one in the near future. Until then, this is one movie you need to check out right away.


Without a doubt, Katie Kox has a real talent for making all her scenes stand out and not just because she looks damn good but because she actually enjoys every aspect of performing on camera. Armed with gorgeous good looks, a perfect ass and some of the hottest big tits in the business, Katie definitely has what it takes to carry a movie all by herself.

The video quality is not bad at all but it’s the sound that hisses and fizzles away in a not so flattering way at times. Still, the audio is not so bad that it ruins things.

There’s a Bonus Gallery feature with audio commentary from Sturgeon Court who goes into what went into each scene and, more importantly, what Katie put into said scenes. It’s a brief commentary track but good nonetheless.

One of the more enticing and expertly handled fetish flicks this year, A Dirty Nasty Filthy Cuckolding Cunt is definitely well worth the price of admission alone for its stellar star and her standout performance. Katie Kox is simply way too hot and mesmerizing that she dominates this feature like a truly dirty girl should. This is definitely not one to miss if you’re a fan of this particular fetish or the energetic and super hot Katie Kox.

Review copy provided by Venus Girls

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Holden’s Sex Scene Spotlight (October 2011)

Malibu’s Most Latin #2
Studio: Madness Pictures

Scene: Shy Love and Jack Venice

Continuing our love for the Latin ladies of adult film, Shy Love is one of those rare beauties that we have come to appreciate for a long time now and I thought she is clearly one of the more underrated Latin porn stars in the business. She also happens to be in one of my favorite Latina-themed movies, Malibu’s Most Latin #2 with her scene being among my favorite.

In a lineup of hot Latin ladies, Shy Love’s scene is - by far - one of the more energetic, enthusiastic and nicely filmed scenes in the movie. In her scene, she takes on Jack Venice who looks just about ready to devour the girl whole. You just have to appreciate a guy who appreciates how lucky he is to be drilling girls like Shy Love with his nice thick pipe.

Well, after a brief setup, Jack gets to do just that as she sucks on his beefy bone to the point that her mouth literally waters … slobbering all over his white cock in a way that makes it seem as if Miss Love hasn’t eaten meat in a decade. Jack loves her boobs, slobbering all over her nipples too before they jump in bed together for a good, long pussy-eating moment.

Pretty much after that, Jack gets to pump Shy Love in just about every position and the girl keeps up with him without stopping for breath. She even rides his thick cock cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, taking in all those hard inches. It’s a sight to behold, trust me.

The scene finishes off with an amazing cum shot as Shy Love gets Jack’s baby batter all over he tits. It’s one of the highlights of this great movie and shows up that Shy Love is true porn star royalty.

Long live the Latin Queen!

- Holden Rivers

Gimme A Fucking Spring Break, Volume 3 - DVD Review

Review by: Kianna Fox

Studio: Pink Visual
Genre: Amateur
Director: N/A
Cast: Brittney Stevens, Whitney Stevens, McKenzie Michelle, Priscilla Milan, Roxy Ryder and Tiffani Rox
Running Time: 129 minutes
Release Date: June, 25 2010

Ah, Spring Break, there’s nothing quite like a good old-fashioned college tradition of heading out to some hotspot in Miami Beach or even Cancun, Mexico for a few days debauchery and sexual encounters of complete strangers. Just about anyone can get lucky during the festivities (e.g. drinking and fucking) and Gimme A Fucking Spring Break, Volume 3 does a great job of showcasing some samples of the fun Spring Break has to offer. Oh yeah, it also has Brittney Stevens in it.

There’s no real plot, of course, and who would expect one from this documentary-styled fuck film. The premise is simple: one unlucky (or lucky, depending on your point of view) got a camera and is documenting his male buddies picking up hot chicks during a Spring Break in Miami Beach, Florida. Good fun and good sex is what we get albeit the camera work is rather shaky at times.

Two hunky guys come across two very buxom girls (one of which is a very sexy brunette named Roxy Ryder) relaxing on the beach and immediately hit them up. It’s clear that they’re definitely into each another and what’s not to like about big tits, right? Well, the conversation quickly turns to some invitations back to their place and the girls follow them. Meanwhile, the hunk with the tattoos takes Roxy over to the hotel to share a shower.

There’s a nice blowjob scene in the shower and he quickly reciprocates by eating out her nice pussy before sticking his hard cock in her for a hard shower fucking. Roxy has amazing tits and watching them bounce while he gives it to her from behind and then move on to the bed where she rides him hard. Roxy also gets a good hard fucking and you have to hand it to the stud who doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. In the end, he shoots his load in her mouth and she threatens to kiss him with her cum-filled mouth. What an awesome scene.

Four very hot girls in bikinis are hanging out and drinking when they encounter the cameraman and an even hotter young stud with a shaved head who is build for fucking. Luckily, he finds young and attractive Priscilla Milan very interested in him as they move on to a local bar where they play some shuffle board until they sneak out together for some alone time at her hotel room. It doesn’t take long before the clothes come off and our girl has one hell of a rocking little body.

We sincerely love a girl who wants to see her guy naked and she’s the one that pulls off his shorts to start sucking on his cock. You can tell Pricilla loves to go down on a juicy bone and she does a marvelous job gobbling that pole before he slips it in her in missionary. Pricilla also climbs on top for some great cowgirl and moves on to doggy and afterwards she watches our stud jerk off and cum all over himself. This is a hot scene that actually outshines the first one thanks to Pricilla Milan’s good-looks and her slow fucking. This is a girl who wants to enjoy a good fuck and she makes it look great.

A group of friends are having fun at the bar when Tiffani Rox is kissing her hot blonde girl friend while drinking. Even more enticing is the fact that Tiffani looks amazing in her tight bikini and after a quick swim in the hotel at night, she clings to her guy who is about ready to fuck the living shit out of her. Oh yeah, the sexual energy is high and when they reach their room they immediately make out and he starts giving her pussy a nice tongue bath.

Tiffani is actually very amazing at sucking cock and she works her mouth like the true porn star that she is and when she’s finished with it she slips it into her and rides the college stud just right. She’s does her best with an amateur hunk and Tiffani is such a ball of sexual energy that she makes the sex work. Tiffani also gets a quick doggy fuck and an even shorter spooning session. After a good missionary pounding, the young stud shoots his hot milk all over her flat stomach and tits. Despite her partner’s inexperience, the scene works well and manages to stay hot.

Sexy Los Angeles resident, McKenzie Michelle is in Miami with her friends and definitely having a blast at a bar with some tanned guy who is very interest in McKenzie. Sure it’s fun to hang out and chat but McKenzie wants some cock and they immediately head to their hotel room for a brief make out session before her guy starts eating her pussy out.

Since he took his sweet time licking her clit, our girl starts sucking his cock in an equally enthusiastic manner that is no surprise for anyone who has seen McKenzie suck cock before. Here’s a nice twist, however, because her tanned boy toy leaves the room and his friend with a much bigger cock steps in for a long blowjob and then a pussy pounding from behind. He gives it to her in the missionary position as well until he whips his cock out of her and cums all over her flat stomach. This is not a bad scene but it’s just somewhat lacking in all the qualities that made the first three scenes so hot.

It’s raining and the day looks just about ruined but luckily the cameraman catches a glimpse of two hot ladies seeking shelter from the rain. They’re Brittney and Whitney Stevens, sisters who porn will recognize right away and the boys certainly have a blast drinking and chatting with them. It doesn’t take the boys long to realize that both busty sisters are horny and it doesn’t take them long to bring both girls back to their room.

Things get nice and cozy back in the hotel room as the cute stud we got a chance to see in the first scene and another hot guy begins to strip both girls naked. Both guys have definitely hit the lottery especially since both girls are amazing at sucking cock and you can understand why they both begin pounding their pussies hard. Half way through the sex, Brittney climbs off a cock to kiss her sister before they go back to getting pounded again. Brittney gets the first dousing of sperm on her stomach and Whitney gets it all over her beautiful tits and face. Yes, this is simply the best scene of this feature film.

In the end, Volume 3 of Gimme A Fucking Break is still a series that continues to bring us hot Spring Break sex with some sexy girls that make the movie hot. There are some excellent scenes as well, although one particular scene just doesn’t have the same intensity as the others. Still, you definitely cannot go wrong with this movie so if amateur fucking is what you like then buying this one isn’t a bad idea at all.



If you thought watching Whitney or her sister Brittney Stevens fuck on their own was hot it is just even hotter watching them fuck together. They even kiss, which adds to the hotness. Meanwhile, Roxy’s hot shower fuck is a good way to start a movie and Tiffani Rox’s sex scene is really hot. Sadly, McKinzie Michelle’s scene is not the best of the bunch.


Brittney and Whitney Stevens are absolutely cute and sexy and Roxy Ryder looks amazing with her new big tits. We absolutely love Pricilla Milan who looks good and Tiffani Rox has that youthful innocent teen look. You can’t go wrong with McKinzie Michelle either.


While the movie starts off with some shaky camerawork, the shoot gets a lot better quickly and even more so during the sex scenes. The video quality isn’t bad but we’ve seen better from Pink Visual. Still, can’t complain about the excellent sound.


The Behind the Scenes feature isn’t anything to write home about but thankfully the Bonus Scene (from College Wild Parties, Volume 16) is a great scene with two girls and a horny college guy. There’s also a Striptease with Brittney Stevens that’s awesome. There are also loads of trailers as well as some Pink Visual promo stuff.


Volume 3 of Gimme A Fucking Spring Break is another dose of hot Spring Break fucking and there are some really juicy scenes that make this a worthy viewing experience. There’s some hot sex in this one and you can thank the female cast. Here’s hoping this series continues because it’s still a great series.

Review copy provided by Pink Visual

Saturday, October 1, 2011


AFS Note: This is a true sex story, a real confession made by real people as it is told to us, confirmed by us and finally written by us. Some names and locations have been changed by request of the person telling the story to protect the identities of those involved.

Confession by: Alex Turlington
Transcribed by: Holden Rivers

I think a big part of me always liked older women and - for the most part - I have never acted on it mainly because all the older women I really had secret crushes on were my mother’s friends or school teachers. Sure, I like girls my age but there’s something to be said about maturity and the effect a woman with experience and some miles on her will do to guys like me.

As I said, I never acted on it until the opportunity came up a year ago and I took said opportunity because the older woman in question was one I had often thought about. You see, she’s the mother of my closest buds from High school and now that we go to the same college, I see a lot more of her since I took the guest bedroom in their house.

Picture courtesy of NaughtyAmerica.com

Her name is Angelika, a woman in her mid-forties but still looks really good since she keeps in shape by heading to the gym every morning and eating a vegetarian diet. Angelika’s features are Italian and looks a tad on the Hispanic side but with vivid blue eyes. Her body is tight and she often wears tops that accentuated her big breasts. I’m very sure she has caught me staring at her cleavage more than a few times but not looking would be an insult. It’s like not looking at a sunset when it’s right in front of your eyes.

One evening, though, I get home from an evening class and Angelika tells me that her son, Brian, won’t be coming home tonight. Brian has decided to go on a last-minute camping trip with a few friends but because of the last-minute planning I couldn’t go. I had work the next day and these guys won’t be back until Saturday.
Anyway, I ate a late supper and crashed in my room to do some light reading in bed when Angelika knocked on my door once and then opened it. It was May and a bit warm so all I wear is my underwear and that night was no exception. I was wearing nothing but white Fruit of the Loom briefs and there was this beautiful woman in my room and - to top it all off - she was wearing nothing but a bath towel. Her hair was still wet from a shower and I could smell her shampoo immediately. She always smelled good.

I made a quick lunge for some article of clothing to cover myself but there was nothing. Even the textbook I planned on reading was on my desk. She closed the door behind her and quickly sat on the bed where I was petrified to even move. There was a soft smile on her face that told me that she might have had a glass of wine or two. She often bathed with a glass of red wine to drink.

Picture courtesy of NaughtyAmerica.com

“It’s Ok,” Angelika said as she watched me cup my hand over my genitals. “You don’t have to hide it.”
Yeah, I could smell the wine in her breathe but she wasn’t shit-faced. I can see that she was probably just a little buzzed and that she knew what she was doing. She inched a little closer to me and if she tried something I was prepared to be the proper gentleman and turn her down. I mean, she’s the mother of my best bud and she’s lightly buzzed.

Yet I did nothing when she placed her hand on my leg and started rubbing it. I stopped cupping my crotch because it was damn obvious that I had a boner the size of a femur. She whispered things in my ear, mainly how she felt a little lonely sometimes and that the guys she’s been dating could never measure up to her husband who passed away six years ago.

I couldn’t take it anymore and I kissed her on the lips. I could taste some of the wine as I forced my tongue down her throat. I felt her warm hands rubbing my chest and I reciprocated by moving my hand up her towel and feeling her soft, smooth skin. Angelika removed her towel and my hands were all over her tits, squeezing them a little and feeling her hard nipples on the palm of my hands.

She was the one that removed my tightie whiteys and she grabbed a hold of my erection as if she were a racecar driver shifting gears. Inching my penis closer to her face, I could feel her tongue on the tip and then her entire mouth swallow it whole. I felt the warmth of her mouth on it, her breath escaping through her nostrils against my skin. Suddenly, I felt her lengthy nails lightly scratch at my testicles and the smile on her face said she loved doing that.

Picture courtesy of NaughtyAmerica.com

Angelika started kissing my belly and worked her way up my chest until her lips found mine again. She brushed her tits against my face as I lay flat on the bed and then felt her delicious weight on top of me as she moved to a cowgirl position. With her left hand, she took a hold of my hard cock and poked around until it penetrated her pussy. She wasn’t exactly loose down there but not tight either and it still felt so good. The older woman I thought about at night was bouncing on me in slow, delicate strides.

I heard her moan as if it had come from somewhere else. It seemed to echo in my room and I loved the sound of it and loved that she got louder with each bounce. A lot of things popped into my mind while my cock was being polished by such beautiful pussy. I thought what if Brian came home and saw us or what if the neighbors could hear her loud moans.

Moving to a missionary position, I could see that Angelika was leaning to kiss me only she simply grinned and said the nastiest things. She told me to keep fucking her and not to dare stop for anything. She told me she wanted to taste my cum. It was all the things I would never expect her to say and there she was saying them as if she were a nasty whore. I fucking loved it!

Picture courtesy of NaughtyAmerica.com

She wanted doggy and, at this point, she was already wearing me out. I somehow mustered the stamina to drill her harder and harder and she was screaming my name loudly. I grabbed at her tits roughly and she let out this squeal of delight as though she wanted it rough in the first place. I kept ramming her hard when I pushed her down and spewed my hot cum all over her tits.

Picture courtesy of NaughtyAmerica.com

Angelika slept in my bed that night and we fucked again in the morning but it didn’t stop there. We kept having sex when Brian was never around. I don’t think he ever knew what was going on between his mother and me but - as of the time of this confession - Angelika is pregnant with my baby. If Brian didn’t know he will know now and how he react is not something I’m looking forward to but I love his mother and want to do right by her and our upcoming baby.
All stories are property of AFS

Friday, September 30, 2011

Porn Star of the Month (October 2011): Jayden Jaymes

Picture courtesy of Aziani.com

Weight: 130 lbs.
Height: 5 ft. 8 in.
Eye Color: Blue
Measurements: 36DD-26-36
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Official Website: http://www.jaydenjaymesxxx.com/

Picture courtesy of BubblyMassage.com

Here’s a true story: last summer I was in Ventura Boulevard in the San Fernando Valley when I ran into Jayden Jaymes walking out of a store. She recognized me from a few events and a past interview I did with her and, as always, I was not only smitten by her likeable nature but damn if the girl didn’t look amazing in a tight top that made her perfect 36DDs stand out. Then, I noticed a group of teenage boys walking by and all four of them drooled at the sight of her until one of them walked headfirst into a lamppost.

Oh yeah, Jayden Jaymes is the kind of girl that will not fail to catch your eye but also make you walk into a brick wall. She’s a stunner, all right, and one that makes you glad that she decided to do porn instead of model for Gap or even Victoria’s Secret, which she easily could have done. You just have to love a girl who looks that good and loves to suck cock, ride a big dick and get her ass rammed on film.

Picture courtesy of BigTitPatrol.com

When Jayden first jumped into the adult film scene, she started off strong with plenty of amazing scenes including interracial with none other than Lexington Steele. Her big tits and beautiful big ass quickly made her a fan favorite as she upped her game to include great anal scenes and even a gangbang (see Our Favorite Jayden Jaymes Movie below).

Picture courtesy of ElegantAngel.com

Here’s another thing we love about Jayden Jaymes … she genuinely enjoys doing what she does and it shows on film. She seems to bring a certain energy to her scenes, which sounds clich├ęd but if you’ve seen her in action, you can see it for yourself. Her body is also perfect in our book, making her look great whether she’s getting her tits fucked on her anal opening probed by a big dick.

Picture courtesy of HeavyHandfuls.com

Thank you, Jayden, you make adult films shine even more brightly with your sexy face and flawless body and we hope we continue to see you riding a big dick for a long time to come. I mean, anyone who can make somebody walk into a lamppost definitely


36DD tits look amazing
Sexy good-looks
Sexy voice
Owner of one of the juiciest asses in the business
Makes anal look like she invented it


What’s to complain about?


Gangbanged 2 (Elegant Angel, 2011)